Did you know how important Cash on Delivery is..

Everyone can be an online-seller easily. But it is not easy for online sellers to success. If you would like to be a successful online-seller. One of all things you should have is COD.

COD stands for Cash on Delivery or as know as collect on delivery. The shortest meaning is the paying option for goods when the parcel already delivered. It is a type of transaction recipient makes payment for a good at the time of delivery.

If the purchaser does not make payment upon delivery, courier will return parcel to seller. The accepted forms of payment vary according to the terms of the purchase agreement.

Why you should have Cash on Delivery as an option?

You have to admit that nowadays people are more secure about their money. And if your online store has this option. Then you will have more opportunity to be a winner in the market.

In many countries, about 80 percent of e-Commerce transactions were paid via COD as access to credit cards.  Those speak volume about the familiarity of the term “COD” among e-commerce business entrepreneurs in recent years.

Stemming from the justifiable need to eliminate any potential risks of fraud or default. Buyers might require the ability to check on products before finalizing a purchase.

Adding Cash on Delivery option can help you increase your sales like skyrocket by 5-10 times. A lot of online-sellers get more revenue when they have COD. Because customers will feel much more confident.

And get more comfortable for buying your product. If you let them pay after delivery! Especially if you’re a newly-established company that doesn’t have online reviews or proofs of credibility yet.

Offering a cash on delivery payment can make them feel more confident in the reliability of company. However, this method is usually the choice of people who aren’t tech-savvy. Or they tend not to trust online transactions for some reasons.

If such customers are among your target audience. Then offering cash on delivery payment could lead to more new customers. And percentage of buying decision will get higher and higher.

The best part is that Shipjung handle all of that while you can get money remittance from banks or gateway that connect with our system.

We transfer COD balance to you  twice a week (every Tuesday and Friday) Now, many delightful merchants are using Shipjung and its convenient COD service to sell without limitations.

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