When your online store grows up one more step and get higher and higher orders. It might take time to handle those orders by yourself. One thing that can help you is fulfillment service.

A fulfillment partner is a driving factor that can help maintain. And eventually determine the success of your business or your brand. They help you handling, packing, and delivering products to your customers. So, you can save time on this process and spend time to take care of customers to get more orders.

Moreover, picking the right and suitable one for your business can bring substantial operational cost savings (along with several types of reduction). It will lead to your brand growth. On the other hand, if your brand is growing up but you choose the wrong fulfillment partner. It helps nothing.

Thus, when you are finding the fulfillment service. You should choose the right one which will fulfill your business. Follow these 4 ways and you will be better equipped for the right decision.

Choose a fulfillment that can meet your needs

There are many fulfillment services but you have to find which one can meet your needs. The right one for your business will guarantee to be able to meet your every need.  And promise to deliver your product to the right place at the right time with the great condition.

But there is nothing more important than insights. You should do the math to make sure you choose a company that is knowledgeable about your industry. Or fulfillment that already have several clients operating in the same field as you. They need to understand you, your brand, your business model and your business goal.

What equally important is that their capabilities must match the demands on all your sales channels – social network channels, e-Commerce, retail, etc. Some companies specialize in just one area of order fulfillment. For instance, e-Commerce or solutions tailor-made for start-ups or SMEs.

Make sure their offerings can meet your brand need. Also make sure they are present-ready and future-proof as well. Because it is ideal to get to work with someone that can develop and grow with you for long-term.

Choose a fulfillment that will grow your business

A good fulfillment partner strives for your brand growth and success as much as you do. As your business grows, they’re also willing and able to adapt and grow with you. Which mean if you have more orders in each day, they should be able to handle effectively.

The services they offer, from their integration technologies to their reporting systems, should compose of the three elements. There are customization, automation and scalability.

Circumstances you might not think of happen from time to time. It is the nature of the industry. Then if you choose fulfillment that is flexible, scalable and capable of figuring things out with you through thick and thin. It will work to your benefits in the long run.

Choose a fulfillment that offers a wide range of shipping solutions

Another reasons you should use fulfillment service when your brand grows. To avoid delivery delays. To get your product where it needs to be on time, anytime, anywhere, and economically. Those reasons make your customers satisfied to your online-store.

To get your product delivered quickly and accurately, you need to rely on highly established shipping carriers – DHL, Kerry and so on. However, e-commerce and other small scale retailers are always at risk of being overcharged for their small parcel shipments.

That’s why you should look for a provider who has a network of relationships with all major shipping players in the market. Also, can work out creative solutions based on warehouse processes, transit times and costs. As well as deal with unfortunate issue that you cannot predict. (i.e. bad weather, systematic failure) smoothly

Choose a fulfillment partner that has experiences and reputable

In the motion of doing business, you are also putting your brand image on the line. If you choose a new comer provider  the industry, or one without the necessary insights. You are running the risk of delivering a poor brand experience to your customers.

Don’t tarnish your reputation on its way up. Instead, work with an established, reputable company that has years of proven experience. And staffs who were trained and knowledgeable in all areas of the business, from their solution advisors and fulfillment operators to their technology staff.

Because a fulfillment partner who has experiences can work effectively, Your business will get stronger as they support you with back-up plans.

To assure they are really have experiences. You can ask for customer references and read reviews from individuals they work with. This is one of a good ways to make sure that fulfillment you are looking for is the right one.

Nowadays, you have many choices of fulfillment service. Choosing fulfillment without realizing is nothing or just choose whatever will not support your business. The worse is make you waste time, waste more money and lose customers.

We hope these 4 tips will help you to find the right and suitable fulfillment service for your business. We hope you will work with  the one that support your business and make your business gets stronger.

If you have a lot of orders you have to deal with. Shipjung offers our fulfillment service which will be a part to drive your business. We are able to deliver our services by aggregating and operating an one-stop value including; handling, picking, packing and delivering.

If you have any question about Shipjung Fulfillment or how we can support your business, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by referring to our customer service.

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