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Nowadays, we all are in a generation that Internet and online medias are quite effect to our life. It is kind of a part of us. Not only for daily life, but for e-commerce business as well. For instance, you can transfer money through Online Banking Application without going to a bank. Moreover, you can reserve courier to come to pick up parcels at your place without going to drop-off point.

Shipjung. We are one path logistics gateway and one stop service who provides all solutions for e-commerce businesses and online sellers. Shipjung provides you a system which will respond all your needs because we totally understand how Internet and online medias effect to your business. Our system will make you work easier and get more comfortable.

Here are 8 reasons why you should use Shipjung to help you deliver parcels to your clients more effectively.

Save your time

Shipjung can help you save your time to deliver or organize parcels because you can do all things through our system. You can create orders in our system, both individual order or multi orders and you can print label after finished creating orders. You can compare rates and conditions for all couriers in one website and reserve your preferred courier to come to pick up. All in one! You will get more time to get more orders that leads to higher revenue!


Easy tracking status

You will receive tracking number immediately after you finished creating shipment. You can track your parcels easily. No matter which courier you use through the system. You can track your parcel in our website with real-time updating.

More choices

We provide you more than 10 couriers, both domestic shipping and international shipping. For instance Thai Post, Kerry, DHL, Aramex and so on. You can check all in one place and choose the one you preferred and respond all your needs. Moreover, you can divide your parcels in various couriers as you would like to.

Better deal

If you use Shipjung, you will get the better rate than deliver parcels to some courier by yourself. And if you have a lot of parcels to deliver per day. You can contact our sales to get the best deal. Pay the cheaper shipping fee and get higher revenue!

Cash on Delivery Service

If you think it is not easy to provide this service to your customers. We can make it easy! We have cash on deliver service. As know as COD. We guarantee that you will get more orders if you have COD because it is the additional service most of customers prefer. (read more detail cash on delivery service)

บริการเก็บเงินปลายทาง COD


We provide function that you can manage your parcels by yourself when there is some problem. For example, receiver’s address or phone number are incorrect. You can revise in the system and courier will resend again. Also, you can check the reason or returned delivery and then you can choose to re-send once again or to send back to you. This function will decrease the percentage of returned orders or fail delivered. You can do all of these in the system.


We would like to say thank you our customers by giving something back to you. You will get points in every delivered complete order. You can collect points in one whole year and exchange points to gifts or discount at end of the year!


Service-minded staffs

Even our service works on system. But Shipjung also has service-minded staffs who will support your business by cooperate between you and courier. You can talk to us via Intercom, Line and Facebook. We are by your side when you need help!

Shipjung is one path gateway and one stop service
who provides solutions for e-commerce business!
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