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Where tourist can buy souvenirs back to their home?

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand where is a wish list for tourists around the world. Because Bangkok has many places to visit, a lot of things to see, various activities to join and so on.

Another outstanding point is Bangkok has a lot of cheap shopping markets where tourists can get an item that captures our hearts as Bangkok is a sophisticated businessman. This city offers many wallet-friendly shopping hubs with character for us to find our right place. Golden rule to get the best buys in Bangkok for travelers is bargain hard. This rule can use at any markets.

In this article, you will find 5 Landmarks to grab souvenirs in Bangkok as follows,

Chatuchak Weekend Market

This market is one of the largest markets in the world. Its land size is huge. The place brims over products of all kinds as a result you can ever imagine such as ceramics, antiques, home furniture, and souvenirs. It is al so the best place to buy handicrafts in Bangkok. If you plan to bring home something truly Thai, this is the best one. The product range is huge, with high quantity and prices are competitive among shops. These are simply the reasons. Moreover, this market is as known as a street food paradise where local and traveler food enthusiasts would agree that Chatuchak market is one of the best places to enjoy street food in Bangkok. There are about 600 food stalls there.

MBK Center (Ma Boon Khrong Center)

This place is mixed between technology items and fashion brandings. It is a place where you can find great deals on mobile phones with a huge selection of new and used mobile phones and accessories on offer. Ans it is also a place where you can buy affordable fashion clothes of Thai brands and designs, a place to shop for fashion items. You would love here if you are after Thai brands and designs. You should not miss out on the discounted stuff offering at an open space section on the ground floor.

Terminal 21 Bangkok

Terminal 21 is a shopping mall with the world’s various city themes. It was decorated each floor as a city theme makes shopping here an exciting experience. You may feel like traveling in 6 countries in one place. If you are a fashion’s lover ,this place will steal your heart easily by featuring many stalls with beautiful and affordable Thai designer brands. Anyway, Terminal 21 is not only the best place for fashion’s lovers. But it is also one of the best food courts in town where you can taste delicious selection of local favorites. And for people who want to taste something internationally. There are various restaurants like Pepper Lunch, The Canton House, and Swensen’s.

Pratunam Market

Continue with a great place for fashion’s lovers. But here you can afford with cheaper price. It is the best place to shop bulk orders of clothes in Bangkok. Both casual and fancy dresses available. It is located along with Platinum Fashion Mall. So, this is the best place to shop for this kind of products in the area. There are about 4,000 stores at rock bottom prices.

Rot Fai Srinakarin Night Market

Here is another popular night market both for Thai and travelers. It is a shopping paradise for vintage stuff lovers. And there are many sections in each zone to walk around. Products are impressive in variety and quantity. One of the popular products for travelers in this market is antique items. For example classic cars (models), motorbikes, cameras and kitsch furniture are all real things. Some comes from Thailand while others made their long way from all over the world (American, Europe, China and Myanmar) to shine their beauty at the market. It is also has food stalls where provide you some cocktails or beers from bars and restaurant will absolutely complete your night out here.

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