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If you want to send Easter present to your family at your home, let us help!

Easter day which is your delightful festival is coming. If you are working or studying in Thailand. And you can’t celebrate with your lovely family and cousins. Even you can’t join all happily activities, such as participate Easter hunt or dinner with your family. It does not mean you can’t do nothing.

What you can do if you live overseas and want to be a part of Easter festival with your family? The answer is you can send them some incredible present! Giving present to your family, cousins or your friends is one of all activities. There are a lot of gifts from Thailand which is really unique, beautiful and useful. For example, handcraft or silk. Here are 3 of all popular Thai present that your family or your friends that you send gift to will be happy with it.

Firstly is Thai Silk Products

This is a very special gift from Thailand because of the hand weaving process in its production. There are made from the natural protein fiber which are specially fed on a strict diet of mulberry leaves. The result is the soft and delicate cloth. It can be made into a scarf, a tie, a pillow cover, a cushion cover, a bag or a wallet. It is a suitable gift for both women and men. You can  fold and fit it easily in the parcel box.

Secondly is Thai Coconut Products

There are a lot of Thai coconut products. The most popular is coconut oil. It has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years because of its numerous benefits. It is an effective natural beauty product. It helps in moisturizing skin and protecting hair from damage. It also acts as a sunscreen. This is an awesome gift for women. In other words, they will love it!

And the last sample of Easter present from Thailand is Thai Spices

Everyone knows that Thailand has the most delicious food. If you want to share taste of Thai food to your family. Then you must give them some Thai spices as a present. These come dried and in vacuum-sealed packs. So, you don’t need to worry about the parcel while delivering on a vehicle. What you have to do is just check your country’s customs regulations to avoid problems. A receiver who loves cooking will appreciate your present!

Above all, are samples of Easter present from Thailand that a person you give it will very happy.

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